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Renewables will beat fossils even in the coal kingdom

According to Wood Mackenzie’s analysis, wind and solar power will be more competitive than coal in most of Asia Pacific by 2030.
In fact, renewable energies have already achieved competitiveness with new coal-fired plants in almost two-thirds of the planet. But for a large proportion of countries, the race to overtake is still on. We are talking about Asia Pacific, where coal is still the leading energy source today (IEA data). According to the latest IEA report, to see green energy triumph it will be necessary to wait until 2030, when, in most markets of the region, the LCOE of renewables will be lower than that of coal. In fact, some countries have already arrived that day. This is the case in India where photovoltaic auctions continue to record bids. The last one presented just in these days: 0.0270 dollars/kWh for a project in the state of Rajasthan. The historical minimum for the nation.

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