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Italy grows, but does not run in the energy transition

Terna data: energy production from renewable sources in 2019 was 112,893 GWh (+1.3% on 2018). New installations reached just over 58 GW

Italy continues its energy transition path to clean energy in small steps. The improvement, albeit slight, can be seen from preliminary data from Terna, which report that in our country the production of renewable sources in 2019 amounted to 112,893 GWh, up 1.3% compared to 2018 (111,489 GWh). The recorded value corresponds to 40% of total net production (vs 39.8% in 2018) and 35.3% of demand (vs 34.7% in 2018).

Regarding the trend of installations, Terna notes that photovoltaic grew in 2019 by about 600 MW (from 20.1 GW in 2018 to 20.7 GW in 2019), wind by 400 MW (from 10.3 GW to 10.7 GW), geothermal plus bioenergy by 400 MW (from 4.4 GW to 4.8 GW) and hydroelectric is stationary at 21.9 GW (historically the oldest renewable source, the share has remained essentially the same for years). At the end of 2019, therefore, the amount of renewables installed in Italy is just over 58 GW.

In detail, the performance of the Italian energy market recorded a net electricity production from thermoelectric of 186,811 GWh, wind of 20,063 GWh, solar of 24,326 GWh, hydro of 46,959 GWh), geothermal of 5,687 GWh and biomass of 17,546 GWh. The net import/export balance was 38,163 GWh (due to exports of 5,817 GWh and imports of 43,980 GWh) and is 13.1% lower than 2018 total demand: 319,597 GWh.

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