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The European photovoltaic M&A market becomes stronger

Over the past two years, European solar markets have seen record numbers in M&A transactions, in terms of GW

In 2019, the European PV market saw around 11 GW of projects already active or in the pipeline change hands. A high share, which actually has some successful years behind it. The secondary segment has, in fact, grown steadily from 2017 to date, a clear sign of an increasingly mature and solid market. For the experts at IHS Markit, this trend will continue into the future.

The so-called Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activities, literally mergers and acquisitions, are often considered a key indicator of the financial health of certain sectors; and this is both because they reflect the optimism of investors, and because they show the dynamism of the sector. And for European photovoltaics, the signs are more than positive. M&A activity in solar increased after 2017 during a period that was still uncertain for the main fv market, as it was in transition between the old incentive systems and the new auction mechanisms and PPA contracts. With the true solar recovery in 2019, mergers and acquisitions also accelerated. Approximately 19 GW of assets or projects in the pipeline were sold in 2019 and 2020. In other words, the secondary segment was able to anticipate the resurgence of European PV and move in time.

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