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Well the residential photovoltaic superbonus

According to Italia Solare there are good signals for residential PV, but much remains to be done to achieve the PNIEC 2030 objectives.
However, it is time to plan, and quickly, the restart of the achievements on industrial roofs and land, including agricultural land. During the Smart Conference “Superbonus 110%: all the regulatory and technical indications for photovoltaics”, Paolo Rocco Viscontini praised the Government’s commitment.
Another issue are the industrial plants related to DM FER 1 that, as shown by the results of the latest calls for tenders, need a revision of the system.
The same is true for the development of ground systems on agricultural land for which it is necessary to get out of ideologies and positions a priori.
The association hopes that already with the law of European Delegation we can create the conditions for a proper development of photovoltaic systems on the ground, even in combination with agricultural and pastoral activities.

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