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Siemens designs and engineers a 103 MW plant in Puglia

The 103 MW solar farm, owned by the Danish operator European Energy, was engineered and built by Siemens. The company has dimensioned the system with technological solutions to satisfy the document attached to the network code. Siemens provided the technology for the entire energy chain of the Apulian photovoltaic project. From the small electrical panel to the high voltage station that connects the solar park to the national grid.

The Apulian photovoltaic system is able to meet the energy needs of about 200,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its 275,000 high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, the solar park generates 150 million kWh of clean energy every year, saving the environment about 80,000 tons of CO2.
For the development of the facility, in the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, the Siemens working group was able to keep the construction work going.
Much of the work was carried out remotely, thanks to the support of a single technician on site. The contact person, equipped with connected 3D glasses, carried out the instructions on the different technological components, led by the specialized technicians connected from the headquarters.

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