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Green energy: why invest in photovoltaics and storage


The sustainability is a key objective for the future development of our country and the awareness of how important it is to change things today to count on a better future tomorrow is now mature, especially in the environmental field. Specifically, renewable energy – especially photovoltaic and storage in Italy – plays a leading role in sustainable development projects.

Sustainability and the environment: investing in renewables

In the 2030 Agenda, the UN sets 17 Sustainable Developments Goals, one of which is precisely to encourage the development of clean and accessible energy. To understand the importance of this goal, it is sufficient to think that more than 60% of global emissions depend precisely on the production of energy from fossil sources, still today the only source available for more than half of the world.
The importance of the development of renewable sources is reaffirmed in the European Green Deal , which will lead Europe to climate neutrality in 2050. In Italy, the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan incorporates the contents of the European guidelines and the Law Decree on the Climate and aims to reach a renewable energy share of 30%. Specifically, the goal for photovoltaics is to reach 52 GW of installed power by 2030.
Finally, the Italian Recovery Plan , called the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), identifies six missions for the relaunch of the country, one of which is the green revolution and the ecological transaction . It is clear, therefore, that the direction is more than traced towards renewable energy and the measures to favor its development will be more and more. We will move towards simplification of authorizations and an increase in measures to combat pollution. In conclusion, for every citizen investing in photovoltaics and renewable energy in general is a decision that weighs in favor of the environment and sustainable development.

Incentives and tax deductions for those who invest in photovoltaics

Even if there are no longer specific tax incentives for the installation of photovoltaic systems, it is possible to take advantage of the provisions for renovation and, in some cases, for energy requalification. The Superbonus 110% , in fact, includes the installation of photovoltaic systems in the towed interventions that can be incentivized, as long as they are combined with towed interventions such as the laying of external insulation.
The deductions are calculated on the basis of the installed surface, with 2,400 euros for each kWh, up to a maximum of 48,000 euros. The storage systems can also be deducted, in this case it is € 1,000 for each kWh, again with a ceiling of € 48,000.
Furthermore, those who cannot access the Superbonus can use the Restructuring Bonus which, however, stops at 50% of the expenditure incurred.
Instead, since 2013 incentives are no longer provided with the Thermal Account and photovoltaics are not even included in the interventions allowed by the 65% Ecobonus.

Storage development

Considering the importance of photovoltaics for sustainable development and the possibility of obtaining tax deductions and incentives, the third and important point in favor of photovoltaics is the growing development of storage systems . One of the limitations of photovoltaics until a few years ago, in fact, was the fact that the consumption of the energy produced was linked to the moment in which it was produced. Consequently, the energy obtained from the photovoltaic panels was mainly fed into the grid.
Storing the energy in a battery, on the other hand, increases the flexibility of use of the system, favoring the self-consumption of the product. Currently, most of the storage systems are small in size (less than 20 kWh) and therefore attributable to the residential sector. In the face of a greater initial investment for the accumulation, therefore, a greater economic advantage is obtained. Furthermore, storage systems are also the enabling technology for the development of energy communities , which share the energy produced by a photovoltaic system.

Costs are being reduced and technology is advancing

Investing in photovoltaics today also allows you to enjoy the gradual lowering of costs for photovoltaic panels and storage systems. Hence, an initial investment in minor technology is required. The plants, but also the storage systems, are increasingly accessible, both thanks to technological evolution and to the ever-increasing diffusion of these solutions. The drop in prices recorded in recent years is more than 15% and in some cases even reaches 20%.
To all this, we must add the steps forward made with the revamping and repowering of photovoltaics, which ensure an extension of the life of the panels, through restoration operations.

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