The share of renewables in the EU power mix reached 39% in 2020

By Aprile 13, 2021 No Comments

In 2020, European Union-wide electricity consumption declined by more than 4%, as rising demand by households could not reverse falls in other sectors of the economy. The share of renewables in the EU power mix rose to 39%, surpassing fossil fuels (36%) for the first time. Indeed, coal- and lignite-fired power generation fell by 22% (-87 TWh), due to a strong competition from gas (very favourable price), higher carbon prices and new retirements of coal-fired power capacities. Consequently, the carbon footprint of the power sector in the EU dropped by 14% in 2020, with fuel switching being the main factor behind the decarbonisation trend. The European Union added 29 GW of solar and wind capacity in 2020, which is comparable to 2019 levels.

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